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In addition to all our own products, we have a number of partners that we use for providing the best possible solutions for our customers. This range from ordinary PCs and installation services, to customised large outdoor screens for leaderboard and tee time applications. 

Large screens

Having a tournament solution from Gobex, using a large screen leaderboard can really draw attention to your club. Many clubs have indoor TV screens, but such screens are typhically not suited for outdoor use due to harsh environment and sunlight. Such a screen installation should be weaterproof, have proper cooling and give enough light such that it is readable in sunlight. As a service, we can also help you in integrating custom screen solutions.

Interactive kiosks

Much as the way the Gobex kiosk for scoring is used for players to interactivily getting and delivering score cards, a club can also draw benefits of using kiosks for other areas. An example is food ordering at the course. By placing a kiosk at one of the last holes, players can enter their food ordering, securely by using the Gobex card, and the food can then be ready when the players are finished with their round.

Another example is to have kiosks for informing players about hotels and other tourist relevant information.

Card printers

Besides offering excellent quality card printing services, Gobex can also offer clubs their own card printers. This can be suitable for on the fly printing and encoding, e.g. at resorts.

Our preferred brand for card printers is Evolis. They have proven to be very reliable, in addition to give good quality and fast printing. Please have a look at the Evolis' web site for more information.

Cards can also be printed with offset or silk printing for the highest quality possible. Such cards can later be personalised in printers like Evolis. If you tell us what your requirements are regarding card printing quality, we will find the best possible solution for you.