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A distinctive feature of our concepts and designs in both hardware and software is that we acknowledge the business critical nature of the system and the need to find solutions that will give the most benefits to players and clubs. Hence when we designed our software, just as we did with hardware platforms, we insist on having a failsafe architecture that will function locally yet will deliver feature benefits globally.

To have the best of both worlds is to have a solution that functions irrespective of the local internet connectivity, yet is capable of delivering globally when connection is resumed. Such an application design is known as SMART CLIENT.

Within the smart client environment both local and web based applications are installed creating a failsafe architecture that will regularly check and synchronise with the remote central server for updates, scoring and so on.

Using a smart client will also ensure a better load balance on the Gobex servers. Using these servers mostly for data storage and letting individual PC units take care of the processing and calculations ensures that our servers will tackle high volume traffic much better than a typical web application.