M2M (machine to machine)

M2M is a market in high growth. You have probably heard that soon all devices will be connected to the internet - M2M is one way of doing this.

Gobex' effort in M2M comes from our devolopment in Gobex GOLF where live score should be sent from terminals at the course and to internet servers. This transfer should be wireless, inexpensive and reliable. Three terms that did not mix good together until for some years ago when the technology was mature.

Our way into M2M is by using the GSM network. Here, the infrastructure is already in place with good coverage and signal strength for most areas.


Our GPRS-module is a flexible modem for serial connection. GPRS utilises the GSM network and the modem can be programmed for a variety of functions, like wake up and regular reporting of data. The module can also be equipped with a GPS and can them be used for online tracking of vehicles and similar.