Download the Windows driver for the USB card reader here.

Card readers

Gobex delivers card readers for a number of applications. Most used are our own readers for Mifare contactless card and tags, but we are also a provider of magnetic stripe readers and readers for smart cards with a visible chip.

Gobex Mifare readers

The Gobex Mifare card readers, or encoders, are readers developed for use in Gobex GOLF, but as they are generic, other usage areas exist as well.

There are three key models: Tabletop with USB interface for connection to PCs, reader with display and keypad and a modular reader. The reader with display and keypad, and the modular reader, can be programmed for a number of different protocols and usage areas, like access control. In addition, both readers can be equpped with various communication boards, like GPRS for wireless connection.

Furthermore we are able to design and build custom readers for specific applications. For example, the modular reader shown here was designed and built to fit perfectly in a particular brand of golf cart.

Magnetic stripe readers

Our magnetic stripe readers come from IDTech and Magtek. These readers come with a variety of connector options as well as enclosures. Both HiCo and LoCo encodings can be read in the same reader, plus track 1, 2 and 3. The popular USB Mini Swipe Reader from Magtek is one of our favorites as it also have a dual head. Thus, a card can be swept both ways.

Unlike our Mifare reader, magnetic stripe readers can usually only read cards, not write to them. If you have an application that requires writing to cards, then you can contact us and we will find an encoder for you.

Smart card readers

Gobex can deliver smart card readers for cards with a visible chip. These readers are made by Gemalto, one of the world leader in such readers. Please have a look at their section for readers for more information.