Did you know that more than 100 000 rounds of golf have been played with the Gobex GOLF system

Gobex GOLF

Golf is one of the most enjoyed and televised sports of recent times. The thrill and anticipation of watching a live championship event unfold is totally absorbing for many golfers.

Imagine what your club house will be like if the players and guests could see their own live tournament leaderboard.

Until now, having live tournament leaderboard for small groups was not feasible because of the organisation and set up, both for the clubs and the players.

Now, the Gobex GOLF solution for golf clubs can give a new dimension to such tournaments and larger ones as well. Even series of tournaments can be organised, by both clubs and players themselves.

These and much more are now available on the Gobex GOLF solution that will simplify many administrative aspects of the game, create new exhilaration at the club house whilst keeping the tradition of the game.

Why Gobex

We love the game!

Gobex GOLF video

Hit the play button to see how Gobex GOLF is used in one of our golf clubs in Norway. If you would like to download a HD (720p) version (wmv), then click here (NB: Big file - 150 MB).